Safe transactions

Before you buy the selected product, make sure that it meets your requirements in terms of functionality and quality. If in doubt, contact the seller before concluding the sales contract by selecting the "Send a message to the seller" tab from the Listing.

   Depending on the product and the form of its receipt, when collecting it in person, it is worth taking a look at it before buying to find out about its authenticity or functionality, especially if the price of the product's value for performance seems to be very favorable to you.

   For personal collection, AVOID places far from the public environment, forests, lakes, nooks and other similar places. If it is not necessary, do not enter foreign apartments or basements. Ask the Seller to bring the goods in front of the house. If the seller refuses and does not give a specific reason, this may be a warning to you! Try to take a trusted person with you and inform someone to the address you are going to. A good "Friend Locator" GPS phone application can be very useful when you share your location with a trusted person, friend or family. This will allow you to locate the last stay of your cell phone (that is you) in case of a problem as everyone has it with them. Follow your Intuition, if it tells you "don't go there" then don't go !!

   When buying passenger cars, boats and related categories, all documents such as vehicle registration certificate etc. should be seen in person before purchasing, only in this way you can be sure that they are originals. Any document or image sent via E-mail may be a counterfeit.

   If you suspect that an Ad may be fraudulent, please report it using the "Check In" link seen on the Ads page under the address of the item on the right.